Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing Sounds)

The Six Healing Sounds breathing exercise is a very old traditional exercise dating back to the Taoist Monks in 200 BC. Each sound is associated with a particular body organ and the vibrations made from that sound stimulate the organ’s function. Based on this, the practice of this exercise can assist in regulating the blood and Qi circulation to achieve a balance of Yin and Yang in the body.

This exercise is a simple yet powerful tool to promote energy levels, physical and emotional healing and balance. Regular daily practice of the Six Healing Sounds will help you with chronic diseases, blood and Qi circulation, improving cardiovascular and respiratory function, and improving reaction times.

It is very flexible exercise as you can practice all six sounds in order or only practice specific sounds to treat specific conditions in the body.

Health Benefits

The healing sounds function in three major ways:
Using the throat and the oesophagus releases excessive heat from the organs. The shaping of the mouth and tongue causes a resonance of the sounds which stimulates the internal movement of the organs. Coordination of physical movement with the sounds enables a natural freedom in breathing.

Releasing excessive heat cools the organs, while the vibrations of the sounds stimulate their functions. Regaining spontaneous free breath instead of a restricted habit of breathing allows an increase of oxygen in the blood. The inter-relationship between the organs and the neural, endocrine, musculoskeletal and immune systems are the distinctive characteristic of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) practice. The TCM principle of treating sickness has become widely accepted in the West.

The Six Healing Sounds for Stress Management

Performing the Six Healing Sounds has been the Taoist way of dealing with stress for over 2000 years.

In the modern world, just about everybody has to deal with some sort of stress. Health professionals have placed stress as an underlying factor in a wide range of diseases.

Clinical studies have proven that an increase of oxygen from correct breathing techniques has a major effect on reducing stress and anxiety and will improve the overall health of the person practicing breathing exercises.