Our School

Tai Chi Australia continues to grow and develop and is the largest and strongest Tai Chi and Health Qigong organisation in Melbourne, Regional Victoria and Tasmania with twenty instructors and trainees conducting Tai Chi and Health Qigong classes in dozens of venues in Victoria and Tasmania for over 500 students each week.

In addition, our services to the corporate sector have expanded to include a diverse range of organisations including banks, hospitals, city councils, BHP, Telstra, Port Philip Prison, various Senior Citizen Clubs and ethnic communities, schools and universities where our program has been very well received.

The success of Tai Chi Australia is due to our commitment:

  • Providing students with the most professional training possible, making every effort to assist students to achieve their individual goals, whether they are related to improved health, relaxation, physical fitness or sports competition;
  • Ensuring that the experience of students is as enjoyable and productive as possible, and creating opportunities for all who are interested in broadening their knowledge, experience and training in Tai Chi and Health Qigong through special workshops, seminars and study tours to China;
  • Ensuring that our school has the most professional team of instructors in Victoria and Tasmania;
  • Offering programs that are in accordance with the best international practice and traditions of Tai Chi and Health Qigong;
  • Ensuring our school is up to date with the latest international developments in the practice and teaching of Tai Chi and Health Qigong; and
  • Making every effort to meet the individual needs and preferences of all students on all occasions.

The benefits of Tai Chi can be found here.