Health Qigong Workshops

conducted by
Master Zhang Mingliang
Professor Hu Xiaofei
International Health Qigong Federation

8 – 9 August 2019

Western society is only now appreciating the long established health virtues of Tai Chi and Qigong. Researchers worldwide are beginning to understand the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Health Systems.

Developing, refining and strengthening the body’s Chi (Qi) or energy has been the aim of practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China for centuries.

TCM believes the flow of energy Chi along channels or meridians in the body is viewed as central to a person’s health and well-being. Illness is attributed to restricted or blocked Chi flow within the body. This concept provides the basis for acupuncture and Qigong. By building and directing the Chi flow, health and well-being is enhanced and the chance of illness is reduced.

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What is Qigong

Qigong is an integral component of the Chinese health system that combines physical movement, mental cultivation and regulated breathing. It is designed to guide and induce the free flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body, maintaining the harmony of Yin and Yang, promoting health and a greater sense of well-being.

Qigong increases vitality and impacts positively on medical conditions.  It also increases muscular efficiency, coordination and flexibility; improved breathing and blood flow; and stimulates the immune system. Due to all these factors Qigong improves and prolongs the quality of life.

Qigong is now regarded within the Chinese health and medical science fields as “the shining pearl in Traditional Chinese Medicine”. It has helped millions of people with severe and lingering health problems. Over 70 countries have adopted the concepts of Qigong with millions of people currently practising the art.

These workshops will offer inspiration and practical knowledge in an Eastern approach to health and well-being. By working through different movements you will learn the relationship between each movement and Chinese medicine theory. The gentle and flowing movements stimulate vital energy, creating harmony and health for both body and mind.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in Traditional Chinese health systems; Qigong and Tai Chi practitioners at all levels; and students of the martial arts are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. The workshop program will be of particular interest to those who are:

  • feeling tired, stressed, out, or depressed
  • suffering from headache or migraine, neck or shoulder stiffness, sore back
  • poor sleep patterns, high blood pressure, stomach or digestive problems
  • lacking physical exercise and are too busy to look after their health
  • wanting to escape from a busy life  and seek a relaxing weekend.

Do not miss this great opportunity to gain knowledge that will benefit you for the rest of your life


Mr. Zhang Mingliang (Liu Zi Jue & Wu Qin Xi) and Professor Hu Xiaofei (Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa & Referee Skills Training) will be coming to conduct the training classes. Their renowned and respected world-wide for the depth of their knowledge and their teaching skills will make the classes educational, beneficial and enjoyable – the highlight of this event.

Master Zhang Mingliang

Director of Beijing Huangting Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Visiting professor of Physical Education Institute, Shanxi University; Member of the standing committee of Chinese Health Qigong Association; Duan 8 of Chinese Health Qigong; National Health Qigong Judge.

Main compiler of "Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue". His wonderful and vivid teaching method is deeply loved by everyone.

Professor Hu Xiaofei

Professor, doctoral supervisor, director of the department of Sports Health Education and Research, director of Daoyin Health Center, Beijing Sport University; Vice chairman of the Techniques and Promotion Committee of IHQF; The first professor of physical health cultivation who gave a lecture on health culture in the United Nations headquarters.

Participated in the compilation of "Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa" and "Shi Er Duan Jin". Has given Health Qigong lectures, reports and performances nearly 100 times in about 30 countries.

One of the first batch of judges of Health Qigong, and has served as the chief judge for more than ten times in the international and national Health Qigong competitions, including the preliminary competition of Health Qigong at the 13th National Games of China.

Workshop Series

Workshop 1:
Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Shi Er Fa (12 Movement Health Qigong for All Ages)

An exciting new set of Health Qigong exercises combining Dao Yin with healthcare, limb exercises and mental and spiritual relaxation was developed in 1974 by one of the world's leading Health Qigong experts, Professor Zhang Guangde. Created in conjunction with the Chinese Health Qigong Association it comprises 12 Movements and is adapted from over 50 forms that flow harmoniously from one movement to the next.  It has become Health Qigong’s treasure. Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. it concentrates on the Zang Fu organs which, include the heart, liver, spleen lung, kidney and gall bladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and bladder; the meridians, balancing the yin and yang, the Five Elements, Qi and blood circulation.

It can be practised in both seated and standing positions.  Movements are graceful and easy to learn and are suitable for all ages. When breathing exercises are integrated into Yangsheng, the movements are effective for promoting good health, preserving life and cultivating the spirit and prolonging life expectancy.

Health Benefits
This new set of Qigong exercises combines Daoyin with healthcare, limb exercises, and mental and spiritual relaxation.

Recommended for all students: beginners to advanced.

Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm Thursday 8 August 2019
Venue: Novotel 285 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley / 2 St Edmonds Grove, Glen Iris (TBA)
Cost: $200 – Public (GST inclusive) $170 – TCA students

Workshop 2:
Wu Qin Xi (Five Animal Exercises)

The Five-Animal Qigong is practised by imitating symbolically and physically the movements, breathing and sounds of the five animals. It consists of some standard forms of movements, spontaneous movements and sounds, and simple but effective techniques that can be practised sitting, lying or even travelling on an airplane.

Health Benefits
The exercises combine the internal with the external, invigorating the organs and soothing the nervous system, while strengthening and toning the external musculature. Regular practice of the Five Animal Qigong Exercise can limber up the joints, strengthen the waist, nourish the organs, help prevent disease and prolong life.

Emotional Benefits
The Five-Animal Qigong is an uninhibited approach to meditative movement allowing for strong benefits without an overly serious approach. It has been seen as an effective tool for emotional catharsis and mental cultivation.

Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm Thursday 8 August 2019
Venue: Novotel 285 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley / 2 St Edmonds Grove, Glen Iris (TBA)
Cost: $200 – Public (GST inclusive) $170 – TCA students

Workshop 3:
Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing Sounds) – Qigong Breathing Therapy

Learn breathing techniques and healing sounds to stimulate internal organs and energy levels.

The Liu Zi Jue breathing exercise dates back to the Taoist Monks in 200 BC.  It includes six healing sounds.  Each sound focuses on a particular body organ. The use of the throat and the oesophagus releases excessive heat from the organs. The shaping of the mouth and tongue resonates the sound, which stimulates the organ’s function. The coordination of physical movement with the sound allows breathing to become spontaneous and free allowing Oxygen to increase in the blood.

The exercise is a simple yet powerful tool to promote energy levels, physical and emotional healing, regulation of the blood and Chi circulation and balancing the Yin and Yang.  Regular daily practice helps chronic diseases and improves cardiovascular and respiratory function. All six healing sounds may be practiced or a specific sound or sounds can treat specific conditions in the body.

The inter-relationship between the organs and the neural, endocrine, musculoskeletal and immune systems are the distinctive characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Recommended for all students: beginners to advanced.

Time: 8.30am to 4.00pm Friday 9 August 2019
Venue: Novotel 285 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley / 2 St Edmonds Grove, Glen Iris (TBA)
Cost: $200 – Public (GST inclusive) $170 – TCA students

All participants will have an option to purchase a step-by-step, fully-illustrated instruction book.  It explains the origins of the movements, practice techniques and the health benefits. An accompanying DVD features a video demonstrating the form, detailed teaching of each movement and additional information on its history, origins and health benefits. The book will be invaluable for people who wish to learn a simple yet powerful form, and for teachers looking for effective forms to teach groups, especially children, people with disabilities and older people.

A CD provides options for verbal instructions to lead the practitioner through the exercises, or music to accompany them.

Knowing spirit and Qi makes a long life possible.
Protect and nourish the imaginary embryo to build up spirit and Qi.
When spirit moves the Qi moves; where spirit ceases the Qi ceases.
To have a long life, spirit and Qi must mutually interact.

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Workshops in the Health Qigong forms of Shi Er Fa, Wu Qin Xi and Liu Zi Jue, conducted by Master Zhang Mingliang and Professor Hu Xiaofei from the IHQF will be held in August 2019 in Melbourne.

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