Duan examination

Health Qigong Duan examination

1. Date

August 8th (Theory) and 9th (Technical), 2019

2. Location

Melbourne, Australia

3. Attendees

Those qualified to examination requirements of technical grades may register for the exam after the approval by the belonging IHQF member organizations.

4. Duan Examinations

Technical grades evaluation: 1-6 Duan.

5. Examination standards

< International Duan Evaluation System for Health Qigong > and < Rules for the Implementation of Conversion to the IHQF Duan System> apply.

6. Examination contents and fees

International Duan Evaluation System for Health Qigong applies.

7. Requirements

  1. Attendants are requested to complete online application before July 15th, 2019. Late application will not be accepted.
  2. The method of online application and other examination instructions are provided on the IHQF official website.

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Welcome videos

Welcome videos from the President of IHQF, Vice-president and Secretary General of IHQF, Vice-President of the Chinese Health Qigong Association, Members of the IHQF Executive Committee and instructors.

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Workshops in the Health Qigong forms of Shi Er Fa, Wu Qin Xi and Liu Zi Jue, conducted by Master Zhang Mingliang and Professor Hu Xiaofei from the IHQF will be held in August 2019 in Melbourne.

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旅 游 观 光 (中文)

Partnering with Odyssey Travel, sightseeing tours along the Great Ocean Road and to Phillip Island, Ballarat and Puffing Billy are available during the tournament.